Toxic Exposure Could Be Causing a Pandemic of Brain Disorders in Kids

Source: Elizabeth Grossman via Quartz The numbers are startling. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1.8 million more children in the US were diagnosed with developmental disabilities between 2006 and 2008 than a decade earlier. During this time, the prevalence of autism climbed nearly 300%, while that of attention deficit […]

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Obesity, Epigenetics, and Gene Regulation

Source: Jill U Adams via Scitable Of two genetically identical mice, how can one be small and another fat? Research on epigenetic changes resulting from the environment can give us clues into obesity in mice–and humans. Our genome contains all the information to make us who we are, but many of the details of our […]

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Epigenetics: The Ever-Changing Genetic Landscape Within Us

Source: Dyani Lewis via ABC Health & Wellbeing When it comes to your health, the genes you inherit from your parents and grandparents play a significant role. But it’s not just about their genes; you can also be affected by the environmental factors they encountered. Have you ever wondered why identical twins aren’t actually identical? […]

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